Carol Adamec:  Sculpture 

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My work is a three dimensional interpretation of life's pleasurable sensations.
I fell in love with clay when I was 10 years old. Since then I have found clay and metal sculpture to be significant means of expression in my life. I work to express the reality of positive emotions we feel in our daily lives. Basically an optimistic person, I translate emotions into a physical state and bring them to peoples' attention with beauty and elegance. I love and respect nature with its graceful lines, rhythmic movements and exquisite repetition of forms. I am always deeply satisfied when people see, feel, appreciate and enjoy the expression of relationships, nature and movement in my works. My hope is that my sculptures bring these positive feelings into the lives of people who view them.
Carol Adamec, a native of Long Island, completed her Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree at Alfred University College of Ceramics with a major in sculpture and a minor in education. Working with Albert Paley and Wendall Castle, she received a Master's from SUNY Brockport with her thesis in metal working. Since the early 90's, she has completed numerous graduate study courses at Syracuse University in ceramics, photography and her love, sculpture - working with Roger Mac, Mary Giehl and Matthew Gehring.
Ms Adamec has been interested in clay working since elementary school using her recess time to do additional ceramic projects in the art room. Encouragement by her parents got her involved in her first community show in 1966. An honorable mention award and her first professional sales told her this was the career she was meant to follow. The International Special Olympic Games in Brockport, NY in 1982 had her sending works all over the world.
She lived in the Rochester, NY area until 1985 participating in many Rochester and Buffalo area shows and galleries as well as several on Long Island, Westchester County and Florida. Alfred University and SUNY Brockport both have her works in their permanent collections. She has won numerous local and state-wide awards for her bronze castings, ceramic sculptures and pottery.
Along with caring for a family and engaging in a full-time teaching career, Ms Adamec continued to create elegant sculptures and one-of-a-kind pottery pieces with husband Neville’s strong encouragement. Recently retired as an art teacher from Westhill High School in Syracuse, NY, she also has taught an adult clay class through BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services). “I enjoy teaching and even kept that in mind when I purchased my home/studio so it would be easy for people to get to”.
A member and past president of the Syracuse Ceramics Guild, Ms. Adamec often creates pieces in clay which she then makes into bronze castings, continuing the tradition of lost wax casting that her jeweler grandfather used many years ago.
Graceful, elegant and sensual are all terms that people use to describe Ms. Adamec’s works.
Sherry Chayat, a free-lance writer for the Syracuse Post-Standard, described Ms. Adamec’s work: ”Her abstract figurative forms remind me of the choreography of Martha Graham. Sleek and rhythmic, they thrust assertively outward and curl protectively inward, exemplifying the principles of contraction and release. The planes and curves of their elegant, elongated limbs seem in perpetual motion....Adamec’s expressionism emanates organically from these shapes. There’s nothing forced or labored about it. “